Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

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Anonymous asked: Masasabi mo bang Masama akong Tao kung habang nasa relasyon ako ay nahuhulog ako sa iba? :(


Kung irerephrase ko yung sinabi mo na "nahuhulog ako sa iba", nasa present progressive tense ka. It indicates a continuing action. “Nahuhulog is kasalukuyang nangyayari. 

Ang ibig kong sabihin, “nahuhulog” ka pa lang. Hindi ka pa “nahulog”. Choice mo kung magpapaubaya ka sa force of gravity o hahanap ka ng makakapitan para di ka mahulog ng tuluyan.

At kung tatanungin mo ako kung masamang tao ka? Wala akong karapatang manghusga. 

present progressive tense. 

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Now and then.

When I was younger if I am unsure and bothered, I seek companions. But now I seek my own. When I feel fed up & stressed I end up with some bottles. Now I have them when I feel rested. Partying was a thing and getting wasted was another form of leisure now it’s just a waste of effort and money. On friday’s or rest day’s schedules are filled with hang outs. Now its more of a nap time that lasts 72hrs. Knowing a lot of people was important, but now it’s more of a “only the important people should be known”. And when I say important it means to me those who has impact in my life. I used to make fun of people and throw sarcasms at them, now I become sensitive of them. As time pass I became very selective of my conversations. Probably I am getting old and my preferences has changed overtime or I’m just getting more mature. Anyhow I was happy I have been to that wild phase of my life. At least I am proud to tell myself… i have changed. :)

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